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What Is The Forever Comfy

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Forever Comfy Gel Cushions


Forever comfy is a three-layer cushion designed to use on as a seat cushion. The cushion is made up of a layer of gel sandwiched between two layers of foam. These three layers work together to form a comfortable cushion that helps support the back, buttocks, and the back of your thighs when sitting for long periods of time. While the foam layers help to form protection and support for hard seats and chair, the gel layer moves with you to insure that you have support wherever you need it.

The forever comfy is designed to be used on those hard kitchen chairs, add support to those computer chairs, and even give additional comfort for those long car trips. Lightweight and extremely portable you take the forever comfy with you to work or that sports stadium. The cushion is washable allowing you to keep it clean and sanitary.

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Pros of Forever Comfy

  • Provides 3 layers of cushion support for anyone who has difficulty sitting on hard chairs.
  • Relieves pain in your back, buttocks, and back of your thighs because it conforms to your body
  • The gel middle layer shifts as you shift keeping the support exactly where you need it.
  • Cost much less than other gel cushions.
  • Can get second cushion for just the cost of shipping and handling.
  • The cushion is lightweight making it extremely portable.

Cons Of Forever Comfy

  • The cushion is quite thick so it may not work in all situations.
  • Because none of the advertisement for this product actually shows the price with shipping and handling included some consumers may not be aware of the “true cost” of this item.

Benefits of The Forever Comfy

The chief benefit of the Forever Comfy is that it relieves those painful backaches, sore buttocks, and aching thighs that people who are require to sit for long periods of time experience. Add to that the fact that this cushion is lightweight and portable and easily washable, and you have a wonderful take anywhere cushion that can keep you comfortable where you may be.

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Issues and Concerns

While there are no issues with the Forever Comfy as far as being well made, affordable and comfortable is concerned, you do need to keep in mind that this is a thick cushion and therefore may not be ideal for all people in every situation.

Special Deals

While there is no money off coupons for the forever comfy, the company does offer you a second cushion for just the price of shipping handling allowing you to purchase two of these gel cushions for under $30.00 considering that most gel cushions can run as high as $100.00 for a single cushion, this is a significant savings.


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Forever Comfy Official Site

Forever Comfy Official Site

Forever Comfy

Sitting in hard uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time can often be a painful experience. It doesn’t take long for that hard seat to make your back, your buttocks and even the back of your thighs start aching. If you spent long periods of time each day on hard chairs you can experience continual pain that leaves you feeling tired and miserable. Forever comfy is a portable cushion that offers relief for your back, buttocks, and thighs and leaves you feeling less tired and irritable.

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