Forever Comfy

Sitting in hard uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time can often be a painful experience. It doesn’t take long for that hard seat to make your back, your buttocks and even the back of your thighs start aching. If you spent long periods of time each day on hard chairs you can experience continual pain that leaves you feeling tired and miserable. Forever comfy is a portable cushion that offers relief for your back, buttocks, and thighs and leaves you feeling less tired and irritable.

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8 thoughts on “Forever Comfy

  1. Just to let everyone know,you don’t get the entire truth up front. The price is for,”THE BOTTOM LINE CUSHIONS NOT SHOWN”. The,”Luxury cushions add another 20.00. So if you go for 2 of them your looking at a total of 70.00. Another important note is,while this luxury cushion does work well,after only two weeks of use the foam is completely broken down and your left with fake sheep wool between a gel pad. I returned them. Mind you,I used one in my car,4 hours a day and the other in my work chair about 5 hours a day. I’m 190# male.

  2. Tried to order the comfy cusion on line but when I completed the information required, I clicked the flashing order now and nothing happened. usually I get an order confermation or a thanks for orering note. this time nothing happen.

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