Mattress Wedge: The End to Sleepless Nights

Sleep is important to health, but in all honesty most of people like sleeping. Cuddling up on a bed, under warm blankets in the winter, or a cool sheet in the summer is one of life’s most enjoyable moments. Trouble sleeping because a bed is uncomfortable can lead to a miserable night, and even put health in jeopardy. Often the cause isn’t a lumpy mattress or a squeaky springs, but a gap in a place that makes sleeping comfortably almost impossible. The Mattress Wedge is designed to fit any bed, and fill these gaps to make sleeping a joy again.

how mattress wedge works
Remove the Gap Easily with Mattress Wedge

The Space Between

Uncomfortable gaps making sleep almost impossible occur for a number of reasons. At times the way a bed is designed will leave a space between the mattress and the headboard. Making the bed is easier with this gap, but actually sleeping on the bed isn’t as simple. Waking up feeling as if one is about fall into the space, or accidently bumping into the headboard interrupts sleep, and it can make falling asleep difficult.

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The same is true if the bed must be positioned near a wall where the head, knees or feet will either slide down the gap during sleep, or bump into the hard surface of the wall. This too will make the process of falling asleep and staying asleep very difficult.

Another use of the wedge is a matter of convenience. Moving two small beds together will allow one person the luxury of a big bed, or two people space enough to sleep comfortably. Again the gap between the beds is a problem, and as the individuals trying to sleep will find this space will usually grow larger during the night.

The Gap Becomes the Bigger Problem

The other issue many find with gaps is they tend to “suck in” objects around the bed like books, iPads, glasses, remotes, and pillows. It can be annoying having to get out of the bed to retrieve items, or try to reach under the headboard to blindly search for the items. Pillows will often become stuck for a time in gaps and night warfare is needed to wrestle them back out of being wedged between headboard or the wall and the mattress.

What Mattress Wedge Can Do

what mattress wedge can do for you
Mattress Wedge Pillow Close The Gap in a simple way

The Mattress Wedge is designed to be long enough to fit any size bed and resolve the gap problem. Rather than trying to stuff blankets or pillows into the gap, then trying to sleep with the lump mess this wedge is made of smooth, high-density comfort form. The foam will keep its shape, but slide easily into the space and remain there with slipping.

There are other benefits of using this wedge as its sturdy, but lightweight design will remain with the flat side up, and the wedge’s back edge to fit into the gap. For the sleeper this means encountering soft smooth “other pillow” when rolling or bumping into it in the night.

The mattress wedge is encased in a removable pillowcase that’s machine washable. The case helps the wedge remain cool in the summer and warm in the wintertime. The case also has 4 storage pockets, so not only does it eliminate the problem of items falling off the bed, it also offers a place for these items to be kept safe while during sleep or when relaxing in bed.

The Response from Mattress Wedge Pillow Owners

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The response for many who have purchased this wedge is positive. Some people did state they felt the wedge elevated their own pillow slightly, but for most this doesn’t seem to be an issue. When used to fill the gap between two beds this typically isn’t a problem. One solution proposed by other users of the wedge is to ensure the back portion of the wedge is actually securely fitted, which can keep the flat edge portion from becoming too puffy.

Other users of the Mattress Wedge have found they enjoy taking it with them while traveling as this can eliminate problems with beds in hotels or guest rooms. It’s ability to join two beds together is also helpful in situations when it’s not possible to find rooms with a single bed, or when a room with a single larger bed would cost more.

Another benefit customers found was finally having a safe, secure place to keep cellphones as they sleep. This keeps the device close by with the danger of it falling off a night stand or having to scramble in search of it during the night.

The Over All Use

Designed to last, and washable this fix for the problem of gaps will last for a long time. For those who want to travel with the wedge it will be necessary to find a way to pack it or store it for travel in such as way to keep it from bending.

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Beating Cold and Boredom

warm living room
This year winter has asserted itself early across the U.S, first with a series of storms and now with drippy, cold, damp weather. Events have been cancelled, schools often close, and most people simply want to hurry home after work rather than risk being stuck in transit. The grayness outside can quickly become the doldrums inside especially for those us trying to keep costs down. There are few recipes and ideas that keep both the body and soul warm and happy through even the gloomiest of days. For me these days have become a time to recharge my batteries and discovering new ways to keep entertained.

Keeping Warm

Staying warm and dry during the day will help you keep your spirits up. This is one time where there’s a great excuse to sacrifice fashion for practical clothing. While in the past I’ve feared “cap hair” this year I’ve already given in, and bought a warm woolen cap. Amazingly this one inexpensive, and easy to carry little item does a remarkable job in helping me keep warm and comfortable while I’m outside. There’s some truth to the old saying “if your head stays warm the rest of you will keep warm”.

After work, and when all the errands are run it’s time to get off any wet or uncomfortable clothing as fast as possible. Do all the things you need to take care of such as walking the dog, or getting a few things for supper then concentrating on staying warm and relaxing.

You can resist the urge to crank up the heat, or put an extra log on the fire if you act quickly to stay warm. Put on some warm pajamas or night clothing. Avoid thin p.j.s in favor of items that will help you preserve your body heat. This way you don’t have to sit bundled in blankets feeling more like you’re recovering from a cold than simply staying warm.

Personal Entertainment

Whether you live alone or with a family personal entertainment is a great way to avoid letting the cold weather get you down. You can avoid expensive cable bills, not to mention arguments over what to watch through the use of an iPad or similar tablet. On mine, I can assess old television shows, new movies, games, and books. This is a great time of year for me to catch up on how-tos, recipes, and the latest novels I’ve heard everyone talking about. The same is true of television series since I can download episode after episode without interruption and have a chance to immerse myself in the drama of shows I missed when they first aired.

Books seemed able to capture your imagination more during the cold months. Perhaps it’s the reduced traffic outside, or the absence of other distractions, but for me reading while the weather outside rages, and a cold wind howls gives me a warm glow inside that rivals the light emitted from my tablet.

Staying Comfortable

When reading with a tablet strain on your hands and arms is reduced if you use a stand or a tablet pillow. The pillows are by the far the more comfortable, and add to the experience of relaxing on the couch or curled up snug in bed.  I prefer the pillow tablet holder since if I fall asleep I don’t have a rude awaking from a falling stand. It’s also easier to use on the uneven surface of the couch, and the same is true of a favorite overstuffed chair.

Best Cold Weather Snacks and Drinks

At this time of year soft drinks and iced tea are not the best plan, as this will only make you chilly. My own favorites for this time of year are coffees with seasonal flavorings such pumpkin spice, peppermint, or eggnog.  Some people prefer hot tea and recommendations for great flavor in the wintertime include cinnamon, berry with spice, or peppermint. I keep a thermal mug that holds the heat of my beverage so I can take my time with every sip as warm as the last.

In cold weather a good bowl of chili or stew is a good meal. Hot buttered popcorn is a great snack since it’s light, warm, and filling. Sitting on the couch curled up watching a movie or reading a book on your tablet with a bowl of popcorn beside you will keep out the chill and leave you warm and satisfied, but not too full.

Getting Some Real Rest

Another point about warm pajamas is these allow you to forgo the heavy comforter or blankets. A warm wrap or p.j.’s and several warm but light blankets work best since these won’t weigh heavily on you as you sleep. Lighter blankets can also be pushed aside if you grow too warm at some point during the night. It’s better not to face a cold morning after a night of perspiring under a heavy a blanket. A good nights rest feeling warm, but not overheated will make facing another cold winter’s day much easier.

Wondergel Extreme Seat Cushion Review

If do to work or a physical condition you need to sit for long hours each day, you can experience pain in your lower back, buttocks and even the back of your thighs. The Extreme Orthopedic seat cushion may just be what you need to relieve that pain in the butt!

What is the Extreme Orthopedic Seat Cushion?

Extreme Orthopedic Seat Cushion
Wondergel Seat Cushion Available at

The extreme orthopedic seat cushion is a cushion made from a special copolymer material that provides support while eliminating pressure points. When you eliminate the pressure points you can reduce and possible totally eliminate the pain you have been suffering from.

How Does this Cushion Work?

The Wondergel Extreme Seat Cushion  combines the wondergel co-polymer material with column buckling. The longer you sit the more pressure is put on the cushion and eventually the cushion begins to push back adding to the pain from those longer hours of sitting. The extreme orthopedic cushion has column that buckle when pressure increases distributing the pressure to other columns and thus avoiding the push back that increases pain.

Features of the Wondergel Extreme Seat Cushion

This special seat cushion has the following features:

  • The cushion is all wondergel and measures 16” X 18”
  • Comes with a black washable fabric cover
  • Keeps it shape
  • 2” thick

Advantages of the Extreme Orthopedic Seat Cushion

The main advantage of this seat cushion to other seat cushions is that this cushion doesn’t just cushion your buttocks and thighs it actually cushions it in a way that can relieve pain. This is important for people who suffer from pain in their lower back, buttocks, and the back of their thighs, but find it necessary to sit for long periods of time.

The washable fabric cover allows you to keep this cushion clean and great looking even if used on dirty bleaches at ball games.

Extreme Orthopedic Seat Cushion Reviews

Reviews for this cushion clearly show that most users not only like this cushion, but do find that it makes sitting for long periods of time more comfortable and far less painful. Almost half the users who purchased this cushion gave it 5 out of 5 stars, with another ¼ rating it 4 stars. It is obvious from the ratings that this cushion works and works well for a large majority of people who purchase it.


The Wondergel Extreme Seat Cushion is ideal for those people who suffer soreness or pain from sitting for long periods of time. Users find this cushion useful to use in office chairs, the car, wheel chairs, and their chairs at home whenever they want to sit comfortably.

You can find this cushion available  at  

Wondergel Original Seat Cushion

wondergel original seat cushion
Wondergel Seat Cushion at

Being comfortable is what everybody is interested in while resting. Using wondergel original gel seat cushion for your seats will keep your body relaxed long enough. The material is of high quality which is well adapted for all weather conditions. This means that the material will absorb a lot of heat during the day during summer and your will enjoy a cool rest. During winter, the material will try as much as possible to conserve the heat released form the body and this is what helps to keep your body warm. You will never complain of discomfort when using this kid of cushioning material. Durability of the material is something that the users of these materials are appreciating. You do not have to keep changing the cushioning material from time to time and this will help to save on the maintenance expenses for your seats.

The material has unique features in that it is capable of reducing the pressure exerted by body and no pressure points are evidenced on the seats. This will help to maintain you seat as new as possible. The material is capable of taking almost all designs of the seats in that it can easily be folded to fit every shape. This gives a high quality seat sit on when the design is unique too. The material is well suited for seats which are meant to be used for long hours especially during meetings and discussions. You will make your office look modern by using this cushioning material on your furniture. This is what you will find in those big offices and you should not be worried about the price. You can simply afford the material and make your sitting room something to admire. Fashion is real and this is what the material is presenting for your furniture. Visitors will always appreciate a stay at your room when comfortable sitting is assured.

More than 150 customers reviews at with an average of 4 star rating.

Forever Comfy

Resting woman

Desk jobs carry the risk of lower back pain to anyone spending long hours sitting in one posture. The same applies to those who spend hours on the trot commuting on far from comfortable car seats. Apart from the physical pain inflicted, it is the mental trauma that a person has to go through for the impaired mobility that leads to immense stress.

Forever Comfy claims to be the solution that handles lower body stiffness. It is supposed to be a seat cushion that incorporates a layer of cushioning to seating surfaces, thus reducing the discomfort caused by sitting on hard or cushion-less surfaces for prolonged periods of time. If you have already heard about Forever Comfy, then the credit for that goes to the advertisements that relay on television.

Some magazines refer to this cushioning product as a revolutionary one and claim that it has blessed the lives of many who were forced to suffer from back troubles owing to long hours at the job. Each time I saw the advertisement appear on TV, I was left thinking if the painful health problems of lower body aches and stiffness really vanish with the use of the product. There definitely are several comfort cushioning products available on the market but Forever Comfy claims versatility of use, portability and thermal sensitivity to adjust to different climatic conditions.

Having read so many good things about it, I had to do my own research to find more about this product. I am sure many of you would also be wondering about the genuineness of these advertisement broadcasts late into the night. Based on what I have come to figure out, I am bringing to you some established information on this product. Read on to know more.

How does Forever Comfy work?

Forever Comfy claims to infuse never-before comfort to seating irrespective of the surface being hard or already padded. It is versatile in use and can be used at office, home or during commutation. Constructed with a foam and gel cushioning, it is said to provide the much-needed layer of support to the spinal cord particularly the lower back region.

The gel core is supposedly layered with double layers of high-density foam for the utmost comfort that a user can experience. The cover is crafted from faux sheep skin providing an extra layer of soft and cozy comfort. Besides, the sitting cushion is light in weight to be carried around to wherever one wants. Back problems require a lot of care and you cannot take a chance with it and aggravate it further.

An exceptional quality that I thought to be beneficial indeed is the thermal sensitive property of this product that they say makes it acclimatize to the temperatures and provide enhanced comfort.

Forever Comfy how it works
Forever Comfy How It works

What makes Forever Comfy stand out among its kind available to buyers?

Forever Comfy is said to provide enhanced support to the back and is very soft to sit on for as many hours as required. Reviews show that it is a cut above the regular cotton or fiber filled cushions/pillows lacking in firmness and wilting away with time. Forever Comfy claims to stay intact on surfaces and does not slide off or shift with the body weight. However, it is necessary for the person to sit in good posture and not stoop or wiggle around on his/her seat for the cushion to not move from its stationed place or slide down.

Another feature that makes Forever Comfy score over its counterparts from the viewpoint of the user is its ability to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Thus, they say that the chances of sweating reduce as does the discomfort that comes along with it when you sit for long hours. The warmth it exudes in the cold season comforts the body and helps in keeping the focus on work intact. The feature of portability makes it great to carry along when you care to be doubly cautious about not exposing your lower back to the risks of sitting on hard surfaces.

What can Forever Comfy do for you?

‘Forever Comfy’, as the customer reviews indicate, makes it possible for anyone to sit comfortably for several hours on the trot during travel or desk work. It offers good support to the spine thus preventing or resolving lower back pains that can truly be excruciating. Besides, some also like its lightweight quality that enables you to carry it along to wherever you want; making sure that your lower back is well supported.

What are the customer reviews for Forever Comfy saying?

Customers love the padded comfort provided by the Forever Comfy cushion. The reviews for Forever Comfy tend to be on the favorable side from the users of the product. They appreciate the fact that it has been helping people with lower back ailments to perform their sitting jobs with enhanced levels of comfort. Traveling for long hours is no longer a worry for those who dread the idea of getting back home with an excruciating pain in the back. There are some who had concerns with the oblong shape and find the gel getting displaced with weight. Read below for what the customers have to say.

I am a late night TV buff and I had often been coming across these ads you broadcast for forever comfy. Trust me my first reaction was “What? Are you kidding me? You are selling a cushion?? Even my sofa cushion provides me that kind of comfort. Big deal!!” I wondered who would buy it till my dad, who suffers from chronic back pain, thought about giving it a shot. I discouraged him from the purchase but he did not listen. Today, I am made to eat my own words! My dad feels so much fitter with the nagging pain being quite in control. I have tried the cushion too and love the snug feel of sitting on it. Thanks to the makers of forever comfy! Cheers!!

By Amanda Gomes

Worth every penny spent on this! Forever comfy now makes me sit in my recliner with ease. Being old and less mobile, I feel great to have this comfortable cushion. Even my grandchildren love its furry softness and want to have their personal cushions for a more comfy study time. You are doing a great job! *thumbs up*

Bob Marker

There have been positive reactions to the comfort this product induces to sitting for extra long hours. Some of them have not liked the shape of the product and think it does not suit their seating surface very well, while some others have issues about the cushion shifting when weight is added on to it.

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I have seen my dad suffer with chronic back ailments and I thought it’s always better to be on the safer side and take necessary precautions. That’s when I thought about giving forever comfy a shot but the results aren’t as per my expectations. I am bit on the obese side and the cushion tends to slip away every time I put my weight on it. Thus, I get the feel of sitting on an uneven surface. You disappoint me forever comfy.

Sarah Whitman

I received the product with stains all over the cushion which I assumed to be due to some leakage that seeped into my parcel. I was flabbergasted and instantly dialed the customer care. They understood my plight and gave me a replacement. The new one looks great and works just as fine. Thanks.

Peter Brown



Each product has its pros and cons and the opinions vary from user to user. There is one very important thing that you need to keep in mind always when you are considering to buy Forever Comfy. Sometimes the customer might be made to believe that he is ordering the original Forever Comfy when he may actually be duped to settle for a replica. There are several imitations of the cushion on the market with similarity in packaging. How do you know if your Forever Comfy is the genuine one brought to you by As Seen on TV? Simple! Buy at . You get the guarantee of an authentic buy and great performance. The company’s warranty and money back guarantee will apply and you may get an additional mystery gift if you are lucky.

Forever Comfy in my work chair
Forever Comfy From

Keeping in mind the feedback in general, the verdict is finally here for you. Keep your stress levels to the minimum by ensuring that your back is well protected from the harsh effects of sitting on hard surfaces with the Forever Comfy cushion. The product is priced reasonably and serves the user well whether at home/office or on the move.

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Forever Comfy Customer Feedback

The following text was sent by Barbara Turner from West Palm Beach.

I work as a writer for a magazine. As you can imagine I spent most of the time of my work seated in front of the computer. I have worked in different magazines, and different jobs , and from my experience I can tell that usually it’s hard to find a chair that you feel totally comfortable. Now imagine if you are not that comfortable, plus when you spent so many hours in front of the computer you tend to get a bad position which results in pain on your back. In the beginning it doesn’t really bothers you, but after some weeks , months or years you start to get hard pain and a real back problem. Well I started to had small back pain some years ago, and to avoid severe damages I start to search for a better chairs. I spent a lot of money in a nice chiar, which I have at home, and it really helped me when I have to do some extra work at the weekends. But I still have the same, bad chair, at the office, and I can’t just buy one chair and get it to the office because some times I change the office or I have to go to another office of the company so I really needed some thing that was portable as my work. Some thing that I could carry easily to every where.

Well having this requirements I started to search and try different cushions and pillows that I could put on the top of my office chair. I tried a lof of them and they never really worked .. mos of them I sent it back and ask for my money back , and some of them nor even had the money back guarantee so I just spent hundreds of dollars and my problem was still there. One day I came across with Forever Comfy. A work mate told me about it, because she knew that I was desperate to find a solution. I went to and I watched the commercial. Wow was just what I was looking for. A combination gel cushion. Because the other ones have failed because they were only made of foam, so they get flat as the size of a pancake. The others made only of gel start to leak and all the gel was gone. Combinate gel and foam is a very good idea to design the perfect combination cushion. I decided to give it a try.

I went to and ordered Forever Comfy. I had also some others thing to order trough amazon so I order all the items together which was perfect. Some days after I got this combination gel cushion.

The next day I decided to give a try directly in my car seat so I could test it while driving to see how it feels. Amazing. It was so much better with this cushion than without it. I must say that I was with hight expectations but the result were even better, and that is not common at all to happen to me I must say that !

Now, I used it in my office the all day, and is just incredible how comfy it is. Even my office mate give it a try and she also loved it. Well she just ordered one the last week. And to be honest I will ordered another one just to have it in my car. It’s very light and very portable but I use the car a lot so one in my car it will be just perfect.

Since I spent so much time looking for a pillow like this I decided to share it, because for sure that are people that haven’t still heard about this and maybe is the answer for their problems. I never have written a review before, so I don’t know if I had clear your doubts about this product I just really wanted to share is how this have helped me and the people around me. Hope you find it useful .

by BarbaraTurner

About Forever Comfy Reviews

Thanks Barbara to send us your feedback. For sure other people will find it useful .

If you would like you can find a complete Forever Comfy Review  here.

Don’t know where or how to order ? Check this article Where To Order Forever Comfy

You can also send your feedback at the contact page  or you can leave a comment in this post.


Forever Comfy Reviews

If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, then you have come to the right place! Have you ever come home from a long days work just to sit on a chair that hurts your back and gives you a headache? Well, fret no more because the forever comfy pillow is here to give you relief. There is no reason to have back pain anymore!

Why Forever Comfy

The reality is that many chairs and even sofas can strain your back after sitting for long periods of time, but this combination gel cushion changes all the pains and strains and replaces them with feelings of pure bliss.

Did you know that a leading cause of back pain and headaches is due to prolonged sitting on less than comfy surfaces? Forever comfy is here to save you from aches, pains and most of all, discomfort. This seat cushion is a revolution in the “feeling comfortable” industry and who doesn’t love to sit down, relax and feel comfy all over?


where you can use forever comfy
Where you can use it

Forever Comfy How It Works ?

Forever Comfy how it works
Forever Comfy How It works

Make from cushiony gel and soft material, the forever comfy pillow will give you the much needed comfort when you need it most easing you from lower back pain, headaches and other discomforts. And, the best part is the fact that you can take it with you anywhere. Use it when you are surfing the net, use it when you are watching television, use it when you are eating at the dinner table, you can even take it with you while traveling.

The forever comfy cushion is different than other cushions out there because it is not only made out of comfy plush material, but it has a special gel insert that conforms to your body, giving you the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

The cool gel molds with your body temperature as well, keeping a constant temperature whenever you sit on it. Forever Comfy is portable so you can take it everywhere you go.What could be better than sitting on a comfy cushion on a long road trip? Nothing.

If you are interested in purchasing Forever Comfy I would recommend you to do through amazon. You can

Click Here To Visit Forever Comfy at Amazon


What Reviews Have to Say

My grandma bought two of these pillows for christmas. They are a freaking life saver!! I am in a Chair at almost all times of the day, my bottom started going numb along with my lower back. I was losing sleep because of the pain. the gel in the pillow actually works, both of my $75 memory foam pillows have a layer of dust on them now lol! I will be buying atleast 4 more of these thanks yall!

Tyler Kimbrell at Forever Comfy Facebook Page



There are countless amazing forever comfy reviews all over the place and if you haven’t heard of this combination gel pillow yet, and then you are in for a real treat. The forever comfy seat cushion puts the comfort exactly where you need it most, on your seat. Gives you layers upon layers of comfort.

The cushion reviews include amazing accounts through a wealth of individuals that have expressed their excitement over the comfort and the fact that you can take it everywhere. The only negative aspect of the forever comfy cushion is the fact that it didn’t come out sooner. The cushion gives you comfort so you have less pain and aches and it forces you in essence to sit better with a better posture.


I have been using mine for the last 2 months and it works perfectly. Thanks Forever comfy !

Read what customers have written in amazon about Forever Comfy.

Read Amazon Customer’s Reviews Click Here

Forever Comfy as a Gift

Take forever comfy everywhere
Take it Everywhere

Take this combination gel cushion with you anywhere and they are great when purchased as gifts. They are great for all ages, especially people that might sit for prolonged periods of time at a desk or when driving. Perfect for people that want the maximum amount of comfort while sitting as sitting can be an incredible strain on the spinal cord specifically.

Forever Comfy Special Deal

Since the holidays are coming up, you will want to snatch several forever comfy cushions for all your friends and relatives. Once you get it, you will never know how you were able to live without it!

Right now there is a special promotion going on that allows you to pay for one for $19.95 and get a second cushion for FREE! That’s right, buy one cushion for your home or office and put another gel cushion in your car.


Forever Comfy Available At Amazon

Forever Comfy is available on Amazon. Now you can purchase your cushion and save money. Buying at Amazon you don’t have to pay for shipping neither for handling, and all with the safety and guarantee of amazon.

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Forever Comfy Cushion Reviews

Are you sitting down for long periods of the day? If so, you are most likely doing severe damage to your back and your bottom. It can’t last can it? What if there was a way to eliminate this pain and the prospect of pain? There is! Lt me introduce you to the forever comfy gel cushion. This cushion has been taking the world by storm, and there is a very good reason for that as well.

Forever Comfy At Amazon
Forever Comfy Combination Gel Cushion


Forever Comfy Combination Cushion

Now when you first look at a Forever Comfy Cushion you will be forgiven for believing it is nothing more than a simple cushion. However, if you knew the technology that rested behind this cushion then you will quickly realise that it is so much more than a simple pillow, it is actually a technological marvel.

This is what is known as a the Forever Comfy Combination Cushion. It is a combination of a gel pad as well as a cushion, which helps deliver the ultimate comfort each and every time. The top is lined with imitation sheepskin to even further enhance the comfort that the cushion is able to deliver. Let me walk you through how the forever comfy can help you.


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Helps You To Reduce Back Pain Quickly

As you are probably aware, as technology has increased, there is very little reason for us to get up out of our seats and walk around at work, or even at home. The problem that you are going to face however is the fact that the majority of the chairs that we are sitting on are not properly padded. This is causing the back to be supported in unnatural ways, and as a result is going to cause severe amounts of pain. If you are intelligent then you will realise that back pain is something that you will never want to experience as it is almost impossible to get rid of. You will therefore want to eliminate the pain as quickly as possible.

The Gel Pad in the Forever Comfy The Seat Cushion moulds to the exact shape of your bottom, which relieves the amount of pressure being placed on your bottom and your back. As a result, you end up with an incredibly comfy chair to sit upon, and that is going to reduce, and in most cases eliminate the amount of pain that you are going to suffer.


Read More Forever Comfy Customer Reviews At Click HERE


Why I Buy Forever Comfy ?

Forever Comfy in my work chair
How I use My Forever Comfy

The best part about this cushion is the fact that not only is it comfortable, but it is portable and washable. This means you can take it to anywhere that you want to sit, whether it is the office, car or at home. It is also washable, which means that it is going to last you very long time.

The price at the moment is incredibly low on the forever comfy seat cushion, so why not pick it up today? The price is at the lowest it has ever been, and there is no telling when it could increase. So grab hold of a cushion and prepare yourself for one of the most comfortable ‘seats’ that you have ever experienced.



 Click Here To Order Forever Comfy At Amazon Official Site



Forever Comfy Order Here
Forever Comfy Limited Offer
Forever Comfy Product Box
How Forever Comfy Arrived


Forever Comfy Official Site

Forever Comfy Review

What Is The Forever Comfy

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Forever Comfy Gel Cushions


Forever comfy is a three-layer cushion designed to use on as a seat cushion. The cushion is made up of a layer of gel sandwiched between two layers of foam. These three layers work together to form a comfortable cushion that helps support the back, buttocks, and the back of your thighs when sitting for long periods of time. While the foam layers help to form protection and support for hard seats and chair, the gel layer moves with you to insure that you have support wherever you need it.

The forever comfy is designed to be used on those hard kitchen chairs, add support to those computer chairs, and even give additional comfort for those long car trips. Lightweight and extremely portable you take the forever comfy with you to work or that sports stadium. The cushion is washable allowing you to keep it clean and sanitary.

Click Here To Visit Forever Comfy at

Pros of Forever Comfy

  • Provides 3 layers of cushion support for anyone who has difficulty sitting on hard chairs.
  • Relieves pain in your back, buttocks, and back of your thighs because it conforms to your body
  • The gel middle layer shifts as you shift keeping the support exactly where you need it.
  • Cost much less than other gel cushions.
  • Can get second cushion for just the cost of shipping and handling.
  • The cushion is lightweight making it extremely portable.

Cons Of Forever Comfy

  • The cushion is quite thick so it may not work in all situations.
  • Because none of the advertisement for this product actually shows the price with shipping and handling included some consumers may not be aware of the “true cost” of this item.

Benefits of The Forever Comfy

The chief benefit of the Forever Comfy is that it relieves those painful backaches, sore buttocks, and aching thighs that people who are require to sit for long periods of time experience. Add to that the fact that this cushion is lightweight and portable and easily washable, and you have a wonderful take anywhere cushion that can keep you comfortable where you may be.

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Issues and Concerns

While there are no issues with the Forever Comfy as far as being well made, affordable and comfortable is concerned, you do need to keep in mind that this is a thick cushion and therefore may not be ideal for all people in every situation.

Special Deals

While there is no money off coupons for the forever comfy, the company does offer you a second cushion for just the price of shipping handling allowing you to purchase two of these gel cushions for under $30.00 considering that most gel cushions can run as high as $100.00 for a single cushion, this is a significant savings.



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Forever Comfy Official Site
Forever Comfy Official Site

Forever Comfy

Sitting in hard uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time can often be a painful experience. It doesn’t take long for that hard seat to make your back, your buttocks and even the back of your thighs start aching. If you spent long periods of time each day on hard chairs you can experience continual pain that leaves you feeling tired and miserable. Forever comfy is a portable cushion that offers relief for your back, buttocks, and thighs and leaves you feeling less tired and irritable.

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